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Everyone wants to be healthy. Unfortunately, unless you take active steps to maintain your health, as you get older, it is likely to deteriorate. I discovered this the hard way. For many years, I avoided visiting the doctor and I didn't really pay attention to my diet. As a result, I developed a number of medical conditions. Thankfully, the staff at my local healthcare clinic were able to help me to recover. From the moment I called and booked my first appointment, to the day of my surgery, the doctors and nurses supported me and explained every step of the treatment plan. I hope you like my blog.




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Staying Healthy All Year Around

When should you consider Greenlight Laser PVP to treat prostate enlargement?

by Samuel Henderson

Prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia), is one of the most common disorders which affect older men. Men seek medical intervention when the prostate enlarges to the extent that it starts obstructing the free flow of urine from the bladder. Several medical interventions have been introduced lately for the treatment of BPH. The Greenlight PVP is a recent and very effective treatment for an enlarged prostate. It involves the photoselective vaporisation of the tissue causing the benign tumour to clear the urinary tract.

If you have acute urinary retention

Patients with acute urinary retention usually feel a strong urge to empty their bladders but are unable to do so. It could be accompanied by pain, a bloated lower abdomen and constant abdominal discomfort. A diagnostic test such as a bladder scan or cystoscopy can help determine if the retention is a result of BPH after which a laser prostate surgery might follow.

When you have bladder stones

Medical professionals believe that there is a connection between urine retention caused by BPH and bladder calculi or stones. Common indicators that you have bladder stones include an urgent and persistent need to urinate, pain when urinating, lower back pain and interrupted urine flow. In this case, Greenlight laser PVP is done to remove a tumour and allow free flow urine from the bladder and discourage the further formation of bladder stones. A uterescopy or a percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy may also be performed to remove the existing stones from the bladder.

When you have recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Men are at high risk of contracting a UTI when the flow of urine has been slowed down or blocked as it happens in patients with BPH. The urine that is retained in the bladder allows bacteria to thrive, causing the UTI. If you have received UTI treatment several times, but they keep recurring, diagnostic tests will be carried out to establish the underlying cause. If the cause is BPH, Greenlight laser surgery will be one of the best solutions.

Greenlight Laser prostate surgery has high success rates in BPH vaporisation and improving the flow of urine. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires very little recovery time. Patients who opt for this surgery are customarily treated and discharged within the same day, and they have very few post-surgery complications. If you suspect that you could be having BPH, you should consult a urologist for a check-up and diagnosis.