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Everyone wants to be healthy. Unfortunately, unless you take active steps to maintain your health, as you get older, it is likely to deteriorate. I discovered this the hard way. For many years, I avoided visiting the doctor and I didn't really pay attention to my diet. As a result, I developed a number of medical conditions. Thankfully, the staff at my local healthcare clinic were able to help me to recover. From the moment I called and booked my first appointment, to the day of my surgery, the doctors and nurses supported me and explained every step of the treatment plan. I hope you like my blog.




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Staying Healthy All Year Around

Should You Go for Genetic Screening?

by Samuel Henderson

When a person says that he or she is going to the clinic for genetic screening, it simply means he or she will have tests done to check for the presence or absence of genes that cause hereditary diseases. If the gene is present, you can undergo further testing to confirm whether you already have the disease. Genetic screening can also be done to check whether you carry a predisposition that can cause a particular disease in your child.

So, should you go for genetic screening?

Hereditary Diseases

If you know that in your family there is a history of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, heart disease, arthritis, Huntington's disease, sickle cell anaemia, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, obesity, cystic fibrosis or other diseases, you should visit a clinic for genetic screening. If you are found to have the gene for any of the above diseases, further testing has to be done to confirm whether you have the illness or not. If you do, your doctor will provide further information and guidance depending on the stage of the disease.

Some of these diseases do not have a cure but may require early detection to be managed. Those that can be cured also require early detection before they get worse and incurable.  This should tell you that you need to go for genetic testing early to allow for early detection that leads to effective treatment or management. Keep in mind that you don't have to be showing any symptoms. The tests are also not painful; they might involve drawing blood, hair samples, saliva samples or tissue samples.

Healthy Children

First, you need to find out whether you have any disease-carrying genes. Secondly, before getting pregnant or siring a child, you need to find out whether it is likely that you transfer the disease-carrying gene to your child. Your fertility doctor should be able to offer advice on how you can prevent transferring genetic diseases to your child.

Don't wait until you are pregnant or have sired a child to find out. It might be too late. Additionally, genetic screening or testing carried out on a pregnant woman might have some risks like a miscarriage. Though it is safely done, you better not risk it if you have an opportunity to find out before the mother is carrying the baby.

For more information about genetic screening, contact a local resource in your area.